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How much does after builders cleaning cost


Builders Clean Prices

Hourly Rate for Builders Cleaning – $40-$50 + GST per hr
Quoted Average for Standard Size 1 Bedroom Apartment – $600-$800
Price for Standard Size 3 Bedroom Single Story House – $1200

You can get a general idea about builders cleaning costs from the prices stated above. But it is quite difficult to quote builders cleaning prices over the phone. In fact, many factors affect the final price of cleaning up after building or renovation. Here are a few of the factors that can affect builders cleaning costs:

Do you also need the windows & external areas cleaned?

If you decide to clean both the interior as well as the exterior, your cost will increase because exterior cleaning is more complex and involves the cleaning of windows and frames. Cleaning the interior of a building is much easier because it mainly involves dust removal.

Did you use quality tradesman?

When it comes to constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, a large portion of the cleaning cost is made up of the leftovers by your previous trades such as if a timer or bricklayer smeared grout or concrete everywhere, your cleaning costs will increase because removing the leftovers require more work.

How big is the property?

The larger your property, the higher the cost will be. A free-standing home or a townhouse will cost more compared to an apartment of the same size. In fact, apartments need the internal windows and the balcony area to be cleaned without much of an exterior area.

What Is The Complexity Of The Clean?

If your home has low e-glass or marble, it may take more time and care to clean such a property. There is an additional cost for cleaning these properties due to the fragile nature of these components. You should always opt for a cleaning service that undertakes the additional risk and time needed to clean such fragile surfaces. They should have relevant experience in cleaning these types of building materials.

Do you want a final detail clean or just a regular clean?

Choosing the right cleaning company is important since most cleaning services do not specialise in after construction cleaning, and they don’t include the costs involved in cleaning grout defects and external windows in the quotation (see full builders cleaning checklist here). Some of them don’t have the skills and equipment to provide high-pressure cleaning of paved areas or to clean windows beyond the first story of the building. Many homeowners pay for what they think is a cheap price for post-construction cleaning, but what they pay is an inflated price of a general home clean. That’s why you want builders cleaners which specialise in construction cleaning to do the job.

You have already spend a fortune building or renovating your home. That’s why you should rely on a professional and experienced post-construction clean-up service to enhance the look and finish of your property.

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